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Since 1991, CorpCare is dedicated to transforming human behavior and improving the health and wellness of our client's employees and families.

Our services reduce employee and family related problems, aid management in recognizing and dealing with employee job performance issues, and help to control behavioral health costs. Through our continued commitment to provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we collaborate with your company to develop a program that compliments your business strategy, providing the best possible return on your investment.  The CorpCare EAP includes access to a national network of professional counselors, work-life programs, training, crisis intervention services, wellness program design and much more. With CorpCare, you receive professional and affordable services that make good business sense.

Providing comprehensive EAP services is CorpCare's sole business; it is our specialty and we take tremendous pride in serving our customers' needs. As with all other benefits programs, there are vast differences in quality between the available choices. We invite you to compare CorpCare's impressive results.

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